Dessert Auction

Dessert Auction

Patricia Chukar Challenge is coming up Saturday December 2, 2017

The event is put on by the Patricia Hall and held in the Patricia area.


There is a breakfast at sign in and steak dinner in the evening which are included in your entry fee. All team members will meet at the Patricia Hall by 9am the morning of the hunt, everyone must register. Then, the Chukars are ready at the hall for pick up. Each team picks up the birds and heads to their hunting area. They have 6 hours to release and "harvest" the chukars then return to the hall for a post hunt steak dinner and festivities. The dinner is followed by a dessert auction, and other prizes throughout the evening.

 This is a fundraiser for the Patricia Community Hall.

To enter the Chuckar Challenge or for more info or to buy a dinner ticket .....

Call Janet 403-793-7780 or Will 403-501-4841