10 Free Standing Livestock Panels 24ft x 8ft H

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10 Free Standing Livestock Panels 24ft x 8ft H

10 freestanding livestock panels that are 24’ long x 8’ high x 2 7/8” frame with 10 - 7/8” horizontal sucker rods and 5 uprights of 2 7/8” pipe.  They can be lifted and moved easily with most any front end loader tractor with a grapple or pallet forks. They are usually built with double chains on one end which can be then chained together.

They work awesome for:  Temporary fencing, block off alleyways to turn animals into pens, high pressure corners in pens or alleyways, temporary holding pens, between breeding bulls The uses are endless!  Anybody that has used them for elk loves them!!!  They can take the place of one or two extra people helping.

Great for Elk, Bison, beef or horses.