• Lot: #17
  • Riverbend Elk Farm - Mike & Leanne McRee & Family - Red Deer, Alberta 403-318-3426 Certified CWD Status

Riverbend Elk Farm is proud to offer the pick their 2019 male offspring.  With 32 years in the Industry, these bulls have stacked pedigrees of high scoring trophy & breeding bulls on both sides, and have the potential to be exceptional future breeding or hunt bulls.   Up for grabs is the buyer’s choice of our 2019 male calf crop. The sires of the 2019 calf crop include:  Kodiak, Whiskey-Jack, Outlaw & Hollywood

Picking terms: Buyer can choose his/her pick anytime between now and/or before any of the 2019 calf crop is sold elsewhere. Board Terms: Free board until June 30, 2020

Stats:  Kodiak-  492 SCI. Son of AFRI52U (44.5lbs at 4 years, 61.5lbs at 5 years, 570 “ at 6 years). Kodiak’s dam is sired by 6-Pac (469 SCI as a 6x6). Kodiak has been a herd sire for Riverbend since 2015, and has an exceptional disposition year round.

Whiskey-Jack-  295 4/8 SCI as a spiker, 450 3/8 at age 3, 462 1/8 on his head age 4. Estimated to be 480+ SCI in 2019 at age 5 (as he has not yet been scored). Son of AFRI6X (432 SCI at age 5, as a 6x6). Whiskey-Jack’s dam is sired by 6-Pac (469 SCI as a 6x6).

Outlaw-  431 2/8 SCI as a large, typically framed 6x6. Outlaw is a son of AMCR260 (450 SCI as a wide, 6x6). Outlaw’s dam is a sister to Legendary (512 SCI) and is a daughter of one of Riverbend’s foundational, most proven herd sires, Excaliber (480 SCI, typical 6x6).

Hollywood-  431 5/8 SCI at age 5, with 24 6/8 third tines. From the time he was 2 years old, Hollywood has showed outstanding tine length year to year and was added to Riverbend’s breeding program in 2018. Hollywood is a son of Thriller (470 SCI, typical 7x7) whom is a grandson of King. Hollywood’s dam is sired by R.E.F Prestige who took many velvet titles back in his time (45 lbs velvet). Hollywood’s dam also goes back to Flamboyant (464 SCI), a son of Bullwinkle.